The Hub

The Hub is a utility created to automate various day to day operations. The primary function of the Hub is to prepare an application environment for various versions of a custom application. Some of these environment preparations include writing configuration files, application authentication, managing the database environment, writing encrypted licensing information, and copying core application files. Before the Hub was used to automate this task, changing the application environment would take a well versed user 5 to 10 minutes. This routine is performed 10 or more times every day for application development staff; being able to switch environments in under 10 seconds has saved countless time and allowed for more productive development hours.

Other subsystems of this program include an issue tracking system converted from an Excel spreadsheet, application environment manager, employee time tracking and reporting system converted from a Microsoft Access database, encrypted instant messaging with chat-rooms, automatic sign-in to a locally hosted Wikipedia site, multiple color themes, drag and drop shortcuts, and company asset tracking. If you would like to speak with someone about automating some of your day to day operations or creating a database driven application with reporting functionality, call us or send us a message.