Computer Repair

Hardware failure always seems to happen at the worst possible time, and to get the most out of a device a repair may be the best option. When this is the case, we will quickly diagnose and replace the necessary components to get your device back to working order as soon as possible. If the cost of repair outweighs or comes close to the cost of a replacement, we will inform you of these options before the repair is made.

Unfortunately, manufacturers today do not always use the best parts available when assembling a new device. The most common example of this is in new laptop computers advertising a large amount of ram, a fast processor, and large hard drive with no mention of the hard drive speed. Usually this indicates that the slowest available hard drive was used in assembly. To help our customers get the most out of their devices we replace these slow hard drives, and any computer custom built by us will not be sold with a slow hard drive.

Our computer repair services go beyond desktops and laptops. We also repair tablets, phones, routers, and media devices. Some of the more common computer repairs we perform are:

  • Hard drive replacement
  • Component upgrades
  • Hardware failure diagnosis
  • Laptop and tablet screen replacement
  • Malware / Virus removal
  • Operating system upgrades

We give free estimates and are eager to help keep devices running long after manufacturer warranties have expired. Call us or send us a message if you would like to review your repair options.