Managed Hosting

Server administration can be challenging. Installing the latest operating system updates, upgrading to the latest operating system, updating critical applications, keeping backups, locking down server access, and monitoring for security threats and performance problems are just a few concerns for every server. Servers are used at all hours so it is vital that these concerns are addressed with minimal down time and during off peak hours. To meet these demands, we offer managed hosting services with staff availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Linux and Windows server systems use very different approaches for nearly all aspects of administration, and services exposed to the internet require special attention. Below are some of the managed hosting options we offer:

  • Website and e-mail
  • Windows Server 2000-Current
  • Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS / Arch)
  • Databases (MariaDB / MySQL / MS SQL Server / Oracle)

Our staff has extensive experience with Windows and Linux server platforms. We can help you decide which is best and keep the server maintained, so you can focus on using the functionality the server has made available. Call us or send us a message to learn more.