E-commerce Solutions

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E-commerce is the easiest way to reach customers in ways a physical store can not. A webstore is always open, accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, can provide inventory tracking and sales statistics, and information about a product can be easily shared with others. E-commerce sites are the best way to maximize product accessibility, but these sites must be properly secured and maintained.

In addition to fortifying the site against hackers, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) require all businesses accepting credit cards to adhere to a set of strict guidelines depending on how cards are obtained, accepted, and stored. These requirements can be met without sacrificing functionality, without going to another website, and without the financial burden accepting and storing credit cards can bring.

Below are some of the more common e-commerce platforms we have maintained, modified, or used to create new web stores, as well as payment partners we have used to make PCI DSS compliance easier to achieve:

  • nopCommerce
  • AbleCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • OptimizePress
  • Shopify
  • PayPal
  • Braintree Payments
  • Stripe
  • BluePay

Call us or send us a message if you have an existing e-commerce solution that you would like assistance with or if you would like to review what it would take to create one.