Elite Workstations

elite workstations laptop

A workstation is a business grade computer that is used every day. The type of hardware resources a workstation should have depends heavily on the type of work it will be doing. For example, a workstation used for video and photo editing requires much higher graphical capabilities than a workstation used to work with databases and office suites. When we are asked to build an elite workstation we consider the expected duties of the workstation, the environment the workstation will be placed in, the expected longevity for the duties it will be performing, and the budget we are given to work within to make sure you get the best performance for your investment.

Workstations today are not always desktops. Desktop workstations allow for future upgrading and longer lifespan, but some workstations need to travel. We understand that the adjustment to a new laptop workstation can take some time. Screen performance, touchpad sensitivity, and keyboard layouts are all factors that contribute to being comfortable with a new machine. We provide high quality laptop workstations that perform well for years.

Part of a smooth transition from workstation to workstation is ensuring important software and files are available on the new workstation. We are happy to assist with these migrations and offer support to new users upgrading to new hardware. Call us or send us a message to learn more.